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Australian Super Transfers

Have you worked in Australia at all since 1992?
If so, then it is likely you will have money sitting in an Australian Superannuation fund. 


Trans-Tasman Superannuation portability took effect on 1 July 2013, enabling transfers from AustralianSuper to your KiwiSaver Scheme. 

Why transfer your Australian Super to KiwiSaver?

  • It will enable you to consolidate your retirement savings in New Zealand

  • You will avoid paying fees and charges on accounts in two countries and multiple Schemes

  • You will have easier access to information on your total retirement savings in the one place

  • Transfer from Aussie to NZ are exempt from any entry or exit taxes

  • The NZ tax regime is generally more advantageous to NZ residents than the Australian regime 


Transferring is easy and free. We can guide you through the process. Working with our KiwiSaver partner we’ll liaise with your Australian Superannuation provider to get your funds to the right side of the ditch!

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